1. General Information


These special terms and conditions applicable to the dynamic “Free Shipping” campaign (hereinafter, the “Special Conditions”) supplement Play Hawkers, S.L.’s (hereinafter, “HAWKERS”) General Terms and Conditions. This means that the General Terms and Conditions will apply to everything save for any matters expressly governed by these Special Conditions.


  1. Special Conditions Applicable to the “Free Shipping” Campaign

As Users are the subject of a random campaign, the shipping terms applicable to each order may vary randomly. Users’ personal data will not be taken into account as a variable when establishing the special conditions for each order.

Users will be exempt from paying shipping costs on purchases of more than $60. This minimum sum from which the shipping costs on the order will be borne by HAWKERS may be modified, always for the User’s benefit (i.e. by reducing the minimum purchase necessary) when the User is randomly included in the dynamic campaign. In any case, Users will always be informed of these facts before making a purchase.

If a User has benefited from the dynamic campaign exempting him or her from paying the shipping costs for a specific order, HAWKERS will not reimburse such expenses if the User returns the goods in that order.