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Hawkers Campus is a community with more than 5000 university influencers who are our brand ambassadors at their Universities and also represent our brand lifestyle in their campus and social media network.

A lot of presents are waiting for you!

  • What does a Rep do?

    Sharing the product from our brand on their Social Media.

    Gaining expertise in the digital marketing world.

    Being part of exclusive and exciting co-branding actions with other top brands.

    Being part of events and University parties as brand ambassadors, because, everybody loves partying in style.

  • What are we looking for?

    That you feel passion for our brand and what we do.

    Having at least 1000 followers on Instagram. Get there, we will be waiting for you.

    Committed, proactive, creative in your aesthetics and social media.

  • What perks does it have to join?

    Becoming an ambassador for Hawkers and get an exclusive code.

    Dozens of prizes like Hawkers items, plane or festival tickets, iPhones...

    Exclusive gifts and advantages of our collaborations with other brands.

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