We're getting ready for Black Friday 2020. It's too soon to tell the world about all the deals and discounts we have in store - PLUS, it would spoil the surprise! But that doesn't mean you need to wait impatiently for Friday 29rd November to roll around. Even in the build-up to Black Friday 2019, we are going to blow your collective minds.
Demand in Black Friday 2019 was so high that our stock ran out on quite a few models, so if you want to get an early heads up on upcoming deals to avoid missing out, then leave us your email address, and we'll put you on the Priority Alert list. Our Priority Alert customers get early access to deals, and also receive additional, exclusive deals and extra discounts on some items.


Last year was a great success in Hawkers Group. This year, it’s going to be even better. Sunglasses will be available at incredible prices so you can start getting your presents organised early for Christmas 2020.


Unsurprisingly, Black Friday is a concept which started out in the USA. It was the name given to the day after the Thanksgiving holiday - which always falls on the 4th Thursday of November. With the enormously important and expensive Thanksgiving celebration at an end, Americans would start to prepare for the next big holiday: Christmas. So, traditionally, Black Friday was the day that Americans would start doing their Christmas shopping. Or, at least, they would start thinking about doing their Christmas shopping.
Thanksgiving is a harvest celebration, and the traditions revolve around food. Consumer goods sales traditionally drop before Thanksgiving, as Americans focus on preparing for it. Seeing an opportunity to increase their sales right after the national Thanksgiving holiday, many retailers started offer discounts starting on the morning after Thanksgiving to lure people out after the indulgences and excesses of the previous day.


The term Black Friday was originally coined by Philadelphia’s traffic cops in the early 1960s to describe the increased traffic on the streets of their city on the day after Thanksgiving, as citizens were attracted into the city centre by all the sales and deals on Christmas gifts.
By the beginning of the 21st century, Black Friday sales had become a popular Thanksgiving tradition. Some retailers started opening a little earlier to get the jump on their competitors. This ‘war of the alarm clocks’ had a rapid snowball effect.
People formed overnight queues to secure the best deals - and when the doors opened, struggles and fights often broke out. Videos and stories of people fighting over TV sets and video game consoles, surging violently through shop doors and trampling each other in their rush to buy also became part of Thanksgiving tradition.
With Hawkers, however, your safety (and dignity) is never in danger: you just have to browse through all our styles and click in No sleeping in shop doorways, no agitated impatience, no mindless violence towards fellow shoppers. Chill out and click on.


As always, Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November, so Black Friday is the fourth Friday, obviously. Thanksgiving in 2019 will be celebrated in the USA on the 28th November, and Black Friday officially falls on the next day - the 29th November.
In the case of Hawkers, we're going to offer special discounts that we are preparing for you. We'll reveal them to you as the big day approaches!
The offers are so good that sometimes the products sell out quickly. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of getting the Hawkers sunglasses that you want, you should sign up for our Black Friday heads-up bulletins.


As you'll no doubt have noticed, Black Friday has grown in importance in all countries over the past few years. At Hawkers, we are aware of this, and we have always tried to surprise and delight our customers with the best Black Friday offers and discounts. This year we are doing it again, but bigger!